Cate Hadley Artist in Suffolk

spring storm        The End of the Day         

 Silver Birch Lavenham Heath Suffolk


 Spring Storm           Acrylic on Canvas floated in a White Wood Box Frame                 240 mm x 240 mm      £125                                            

 The End of the Day     Acrylic on Canvas Board floated in a Beech Box Frame           240 mm x 240 mm      £125                                     

Silver Birch Cavenham Heath, Suffolk Acrylic on canvas Board Floated in a White Wood Box Frame  240 mm x 240 mm        £125


Cate Hadley Suffolk Artist       +44(0) 7966 550753/


Birmingham born and art trained from 1955, I moved to East Anglia in 1980 and after a brief spell in the north, settled once again in Suffolk. I've taught art, in schools, colleges and privately in workshops and with individuals. I've given talks, made art inspired clothes and promoted other artists through gallery exhibitions and special projects for a lifetime.

It feels like is time to concentrate on my own practice once again. A selection of my new work will be uploaded over the coming weeks, all of which will be for sale privately and through other exhibitions which will be advertised here on this site. Your Interest in my work can be registered through the contacts page.

My default inspiration is always the landscape. The Suffolk landscape continues to be a joy. Watching the shifting seasons brings new surprises. The large fields and trees burst to life into life this year along with my own creativity.  Im watching them with close attention.


Previous back catalogues include a series of large canvases painted in response to jazz and world music. (*See the Jazz Series Gallery)                      

Breckland Trees               
Breckland Trees  Acrylic on Canvas Floated on a White Wood Box Frame 28 cms x 28 cms  £125
     All works listed are sale. For further information for purchase of works please leave me a message on the contacts page. 
Umbrella Pine Costa del la Luz  Unframed on Canvas
800mm x 800mm Acrylic £350 +P&P
          Umbrella Pine Costa del la Luz                       
                   Recent Paintings 
Nostalgic landscapes using a new palette of cadmium yellows, greys and violets.

 Rushbrooke              Suffolk Landscape       

                                          Looking Out Over Rushbrooke  Acrylic on Canvas 650 mm x 650 mm   £350                            

Suffolk Landscape  Acrylic on Canvas 490 mm x 350 mm  £275

                                                                                Constables Lake


                                                                                  Constable's Lake  (Wivenhoe House, Colchester 

                                                                                   Oils on Canvas  490mm x 350 mm        £300    


House Portrait Commissions

I was recently commissioned to paint a house portrait of one of the key historical houses in Bury St Edmunds Swan House in St Marys Square in the medieval grid area of Bury st Edmunds.  The image below shows the work in progress.  The work is in pen and ink and watercolour.  The final image will follow....If you are interested in commissioning a house portrait please get in touch click here 


swan house                                                   

Penand Ink and Watercolour Wash


Our House             

Our House ref=hl check out Twitter account @Cate Hadley