Jazz Series Gallery

Angel Eyes      Gilad Blows     sax groove     

Angel Eyes Acrylic on Canvas 1.5m x 1.5m       Gilad Blows Acrylic on Canvas 1.5 m x1.5m    Sax Groove Acrylic on Canvas 800mm x800mm   


£850                                                                    £850                                                                  £700                                                                        


"...I used to visit all the very gay places.

Those come what may places

Where one relaxes on the axis

Of the wheel of life

To get the feel of life

from jazz and cocktails."   

From *Lush Life by Billy Strayhorn 



Tres Tres Fort Based on staff Benda Bilili

Tres Tres Fort  (Work inspired by Congalese musicians Staff Benda Bilili) Acrylic on Canvas £700

These large vibrant works were painted in response to the improvisation  of live jazz and world music. They formed part of a project based on synaesthesia. Music is transformed into shape and colour. This series dates from  2011 onwards. All the shown paintngs are still available. (Prices do not include carriage.)

*10% discount on sales of jazz works with proof of attendance at gigs of jazz artists mentioned in the title 



 What if Bebop Ruled the World?        Queen Bee the Jazz Promotor         After the Rain-Inspired by John Coltrane       


What if Bebop Ruled the World  (Inspired by Soweto Kinch)  Acrylic on Canvas 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm  £850             



Queen Bee - the Jazz Promotor     Acrylic on Canvas 1.5m x 1.5m £850                                 


After the Rain (Inspired by 'Trane) Acrylic on Canvas 800mm x 800mm   £700                        


The Jazz Series. A series of large scale works in vibrant colours illustrating the flow of conciousness between musicians and their improvisation and my interpretation of the harmony and resonance in colour and shape. Influences are Matisse, Miles Davies and Kandinsky.


 Cathedral (Inspired by Jan Gabarek)

Acrylic on Canvas 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm £850


 Cathedral inspired by Jan Gabarek


 For exhibitions of these or any other artworks make contact through the website link or PM on Facebook. Works can be purchased and carriage costs will be added to the invoice, not withstanding personal collection.